KKE Records stands for Konstantin Klassik Edition. Under this label, we publish music recordings of outstanding artistic and technical quality.

We aim to bring works by unjustly forgotten or rarely performed composers to the ear and offer a platform for worthwhile discoveries. In addition, we illuminate masterpieces of the classical and romantic repertoire in interpretations by outstanding artists.

For us, a CD is a total work of art. That is why KKE Records works with an outstanding team of sound engineers, musicologists, journalists, graphic designers, photographers, and musicians.

Achieving a high-quality recording is of utmost importance for us. First and foremost, this is guaranteed by our artists with rousing and well-thought-out interpretations. Indispensable, too, are the experienced and skilled sound engineers who guide the creative process during and after the recording, and last but not least, recording locations with authentic acoustics.

In times of climate change and environmental destruction, we find it natural to ensure that the entire production process is sustainable and conserves resources. We print with mineral-oil-free inks, entirely forego plastic in packaging and use 100% recycled paper. The brown cardboard cover of the CD stands for our efforts to act responsibly.

This is music that goes straight to the heart. And for KKE Records, every single release is heartfelt.